Reuniting the old masters

Traditional crafts play an important part in culture, but often struggle with a stale image and risk of disappearing. To prevent that, Beate Snuka asked three different ceramic workshops in her homeland, each with their own preference for material and style, to make a set of tableware based on her design. The bowls and dishes of black pottery, red ceramics and white porcelain embrace the local differences, but at the same time reunite the old pottery masters as the pieces are joined into one large dinner set. Each material and technique accentuates the other in a contemporary set with a traditional feel.


Awards: Connect(r)ing winner

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White dotted edge created for Salone del Mobile Milano 2015.

Photo by Sonia Mangiapane for Design Academy Eindhoven

Classic collection featuring raku fired plates, classic red pottery and elegant porcelain.

Intimate workstation of a very skilled potter in Rauna, place where both of the Latvian Red Ceramics editions are made.

Raw materials. “Rauna Old Brick kiln” clay mine. Raw clay is harvested every year to supply their workshop and other potters.

The time consuming clay cleaning process in the back of the pottery workshop.

Latvian Black Pottery series made with the help of Latgalian potters. The beautiful and mesmerizing firing process ensures a surprise everytime, so no piece will ever be the same.

Latvian Porcelain series collaboration with the only remaining porcelain factory in Latvia. Work in development. For any question feel free to contact us.

Each piece from the Ceramic Network collection is marked with a “unity” stamp that links each piece to one and other. The “unity” stamp consist of a simple triple circle logo featuring the actual makers stamp or signature.

Latvian Red Ceramics – LRC dark
S(bowl) Ø12cm M(plate) Ø20cm L(plate) Ø26cm XL(plate) Ø32cm large bowl Ø23cm *Available with white dots

Latvian Red Ceramics – LRC
S(bowl) Ø12cm M(plate) Ø20cm L(plate) Ø26cm XL(plate) Ø32cm large bowl Ø23cm *Available with white dots

Latvian Black Potter – LBP
S(bowl) Ø12cm M(plate) Ø20cm L(plate) Ø26cm

Latvian Porcelain
in development